One Spring afternoon in 2010, before heading back to college, Thomas Matzner and Dominic Shaughnessy were helping their grandparents clean out their basement storage area. What seemed like endless junk left to be sorted through by future generations (or thrown directly in the garbage) a few pieces sparked their curiosity. After stumbling upon what looked like science equipment used from an ancient science experiment, the two started to ask questions. Later they found that in the early 1920's family members ran a bootlegging operation out of this same basement that filled the streets of New York City with a specialty liquor.

With this new found knowledge and a burning desire to achieve something great, the two young ambitious entrepreneurs were inspired to embark on a journey in the spirit industry. Combing the United States for the best place to distill a unique spirit brand for the world to (legally) enjoy, they landed in Colorado with none other than the Rocky Mountains to their back. Time and time again they experimented with the individual ingredients they selected, ensuring the final taste was just right. In 2011 a brand was born and the young men were well under way to living their dream.

REVE, translated in French meaning “Dream”, was the original brand of vodka which was distributed and marketed throughout Colorado and New York. However, with any great story comes controversy…... In early 2012 the young men were forced to abandon their “dream” after defending it with every resource possible due to unforeseen reasons. A lesson learned, the young men had to surrender "REVE" and, with bare minimum funds, had to build a new brand from scratch once again.

With experience under their belt, they went back to the drawing board and rebranded a product that would far exceed the expectations they once had for REVE. In 2014 the young men launched PRÜV; an ultra premium American made brand of vodka. The name ultimately stated that the boys, through years of controversy and rebuilding, had the motivation, drive and a point to PRÜV about their presence in the spirit industry.

Today, PRÜV Vodka combines deep family tradition with modern day ambition for a brand experience that is incomparable to any brand of vodka on the shelves.


Taj II
  • Standing out amidst other Flatiron lounges, Taj II is the reinvented combination of a restaurant, lounge and event space.

    With opulent imported décor such as carved teak, woodwork, sandstone dancing shivas, and a magnificent mahagony and copper-topped bar, Taj II transports its guests to the ultimate luxury of dining and nightlife inspired by India.


Taj II | 48 W 21st St | NYC Map It